Friday, March 15, 2013

Homeschool Curriculum Review: Notgrass History

Homeschool conferences are just around the corner!  In fact, I am attending one in my area tomorrow. If you have not attended a homeschool conference, you should!  They are inspiring!  It’s great to be around so many other people who homeschool, evaluate your curriculum, and renew your vision.

With the conferences coming up, I wanted to share a GREAT history program with you.

Notgrass’s America the Beautiful History.

This curriculum is wonderful!

P3150001The curriculum has two large textbooks, and they are beautiful!  There are many, excellent photographs throughout the books, which make the books and subject study more alive. 

The lessons are very thorough, providing great information about each topic and various activities to enhance the learning process.  Bible study, map study, timeline usage, extra literature pieces, optional corresponding novels, creative writing, and other activities are all options for your family.  You can choose according to your family’s interest and child’s age and abilities.

The curriculum is geared towards ages 10-14, 5th thru 8th grades.  My son is 11, in the 7th grade, and he has loved it.  He really enjoys history, and I think this curriculum has encouraged his love all the more!  There are many times when he will share with the rest of the family what he is reading.

Notgrass is all about producing
quality curriculum that is God-honoring!

I highly recommend this curriculum.  You can read more about Notgrass’s products at their web site.

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