Sunday, October 23, 2011

Making Monday Better–Our School Store

Tomorrow is Monday, and you know what that means… Everything is going to go perfectly!  Our home will be filled with great attitudes.  Everyone will want to get up early.  Children all across the globe will want to do EXTRA school work, just because.  Right?! 

As most of us experience, Mondays can be grueling. After experiencing some recreation and relaxation over the weekend, it can be hard to get the wheels churning into full gear again come Monday!

Last week I did something that helped our Monday go so much better.

I opened our school store!


I had been thinking about doing this for a while and finally got around to getting a handful of items to start.  Boy, were the kids excited! 

Every item in the basket, currently, is 50 cents.  I try not to spend over $1.00 for the items and just bless my kids by giving them a discount. They earn money through their pom jars and by doing extra/special chores. 

Initially I was going to have the school store open on Friday.  I opened it last week on Monday, since I wasn’t ready the previous Friday.  Then I realized it might be better to do it on Mondays to motivate everyone!  Sure enough, it was a great incentive!

The rule is that a majority of my children’s schoolwork must be done before lunch, when the store opens.  That helps productivity, and I found myself not having to strive as much as usual on a Monday.

What do you do to help your Mondays run better?

Do you do anything out of the ordinary?

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  1. Cute idea!! I am glad you found a way to make Monday go better! I've thought about doing a store too, to help them with money skills. It also helps to teach spending and saving wisely. What are your kids' favorite ideas to buy from your school store?