Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our New Reward System


Face it – we, all, love rewards!  I like to reward my children with various things and in various ways – praise, gifts, affection, etc.  I’ve been wanting to begin some sort of reward system to encourage them in goodness.  To start, we are tackling our homeschool days – morning routines, attitudes, completeness, and other special behavior that I might see from time to time.  I found this idea in Family Fun Magazine and also ran into it on another blog.  I distribute a pom ball to each child whenever he earns it.  Once his jar is full, which will take approximately a few weeks, he will earn a prize!  I feel this is not only encouraging them in good behavior, but it is also teaching them faithfulness in their efforts and patience – delayed gratification.

I am making the prizes more substantial than a piece of candy, per se.  For this round…

My nine year old son is working towards earning two books.  He loves to read and is out of fresh books in the house. 

My almost seven year old daughter will earn a shopping trip to Claire’s accessory store with me where she can purchase a pair of earrings or something.

My five year old wants REAL tools.

This system could be used to motivate a child in many areas…

Stopping a bad habit.

Kindness towards siblings.

Faithfulness with chores.  ETC…

The system is working well for us so far.  The children are excited to earn their poms for the day, and it is not too tedious for me to maintain.


  1. Cool system - the jars look so pretty! Keep us posted on how it works!

  2. What a great idea! I like the rewards they are working towards! Too cute!

  3. I have to say, I start these sort of things for Alexa, and it's ME who can't follow through!! I think that if I have a pretty little jar, decorated something like yours, it may even motivate me to stay on track! :) Nice work!