Monday, December 19, 2016

Let's Talk Christmas Food

What are you serving for Christmas?

That's actually what I am starting to ask myself.

I have to plan for a caroling night with friends, my own nuclear family's celebration, and my first year hosting Christmas for my family. I am still deciding on foods, and of course, there are plenty of options!

Here are some of my favorites and prospects:

Poptarts and/or Slim Jims in stockings
Cinnamon Rolls
Granola, Yogurt, and Fruit Parfaits

Strawberry Spinach Salad
Chicken Piccata
Chicken with Cream
Personal Pizzas
Crescent Roll Pizza Ring
Potato Casserole (I may try PW's funeral potatoes this year)
Roasted Veggies
Beef Stew - sounds cozy and warm

7 Layer Salad
Cranberry Salsa
Cheese Fondue - with bread, broccoli, baby carrots, tortilla chips...
Mexican Layered Dip
Baked Brie and Puff Pastry - this would be a first for me

Strawberry Pretzel Jello
Red Velvet Cake
Christmas Cookies: Snowball cookies and Chocolate crinkles are some of our faves!

I'd love to hear what's on your Christmas menu!

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