Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Five GOOD Reasons You May Be Spending More on Groceries

5 Good Reasons You May Spend More on Groceries - The Cozy Nook

Have you ever read a post about how little someone spends on groceries and felt like a HUGE loser?

I have.
Many times.

Trust me. I am always trying to refine my spending and figure out how I can do better. However, I also know that I’m not going to match up to some of the grocery gurus out there.

Sometimes there are GOOD reasons why your grocery budget may be higher than someone else’s. I am hoping these reasons will put your heart at ease a little bit.

#1) You buy organic or better quality.

Truth be told, I like my foods to be good quality. I feel very blessed that I am able to buy better quality and can even stretch to buy organic when possible. We have split a 1/4 of an organic, grass-fed cow with my parents twice within the past 9 months, and I appreciate it!

#2) You buy more healthful foods.

I have heard people say that you will spend less if you stay away from processed and packaged foods and make things yourself. I do think that is true. However, if you are trying to eat healthfully, oftentimes you will find yourself spending more money. For instance, buying enough produce for your household to have multiple servings of fruits and vegetables every day can add to your spending.

#3) You are following a specific diet.

If you are eating a certain way to conquer chronic disease, lose weight, or some other noble reason, you may need to spend more money for a while, or maybe for life!

#4) You show hospitality.

If you are going to host parties, have friends over, entertain co-workers and the like, you will be spending more on groceries. No doubt about it! However, it is a noble reason to be spending more on groceries. As Christians, we ought to be a giving people.

#5) You are feeding multiple mouths.

In the same way that you would be feeding multiple mouths if you show hospitality, you may be feeding multiple mouths every day. That is a reason to rejoice! We should be thankful for the people God has put in our homes to share life with every day.

There are some GOOD reasons why you may be spending more money on groceries, and that may be okay!

Don’t frown and frump. Keep your head up. Establish your budget guidelines with your husband and continue to refine as you are able.

I, myself, plod on towards the goal of spending less and maintaining good quality and eating habits.

Now go buy those groceries!

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