Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vision. What’s Fueling You This Year?

As the New Year begins, many of us have dreams and goals swirling through our heads. We want things to be different. We hope for things to be different.

We may start the New Year fairly well, but did you ever notice how quickly our goals and resolutions can fizzle out come February or March? Life happens, and we realize we can’t do everything all at once or perhaps we can’t even do some of the things we hoped to do.

We need vision for our year, for our lives!

Vision is what fuels us and gives us direction. With a vision set in place, we can continue to pursue life as best as we can - hoping, dreaming, and achieving goals!

2014 Vision

My vision for the year is to FOCUS on and LIVE FULLY the life God has given ME and called ME to live.

I have been too distracted with how other people are living their lives, comparing too much and worrying too much. I want to embrace what God has for me and stay focused on that blessing!

This year, as I step into a fresh year, I am asking God to help me live the life He wants me to live. With that come particulars, some of which God has already shown me, which I hope to share with you throughout the year.

What is the life God wants you to live?

What is your vision for the New Year?

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