Thursday, July 19, 2012

Multiplication Lapbook

I have always held lapbooks in high regard.  They look so creative, colorful, and comprehensive. 

I finally made one!

As I mentioned yesterday, my daughter is a very hands-on girl.  I thought summer would be a good time to make a lapbook so she could study her math drills.


2’s – a fold, flip bookP7030015
3’s – an envelope with math fact circles, pictured to the right
4’s – listed in two columns on lined paper
5’s – a rotating, circle with a window to display separate facts
6’s – a “book” that opens in slits to reveal each problem
7’s – a flower
8’s – triangles
9’s – a heart, listing the facts vertically
10’s – a celebration of balloons

Have you ever made a lapbook?

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