Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dinner and Dessert with a Twist, Day One

I’ve made some interesting things for dinner and dessert lately.  For the next three days (including today) I will post some fun and tantalizing recipes for you to try, starting with dinner…

Homemade Crunchwraps


This Crunchwrap was more enclosed when I started grilling it,
but it became a bit undone throughout the process, as you can see.

Do you like Taco Bell?  Now’s your chance to show ‘em up and make those Crunchwraps at home!

They are a little tricky to grill, but they are delicious!  (I think it may have worked better if I had bigger tortillas or less filling.)

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1 pound ground beef, browned with taco seasoning.
4 or 5 burrito-sized tortillas, warmed
sour cream (can omit… I did since most of my kids do not like it)
diced tomatoes
shredded cheddar cheese or nacho cheese sauce
crushed tortilla chips
shredded lettuce
taco sauce

1.  Spread sour cream, if using, in the center of a tortilla.
2.  Place beef, tomatoes, cheese, tortilla chips, and lettuce atop the sour cream.
3.  Fold the edges of the tortilla towards the center to make a hexagonal shape.
4.  Place the wrap in a warmed skillet, at medium heat, with the open side down.
5.  Grill for about one minute on each side until browned.
6.  Serve with taco sauce.

Inspired by and Adapted from Real Mom Kitchen

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