Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dealing with Expectations for Your Children


Guest Post at Musings of a Minister’s Wife

Do you ever feel frustrated with your children?

If you are an honest mom, surely there are times when you do. You might feel angry and impatient and wonder “why in the world” your child is acting the way he is acting.

The Lord put something on my heart the other day regarding the expectations we have for our children.

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Melinda Martin has lived a life full of mistakes and has only survived by God’s amazing grace. She “retired” from the corporate world three years ago and has since been making more mistakes in the avenues of homeschooling and running an online business. God has recently blessed her and set her peace-shod feet on a journey to becoming a minister’s wife. Follow along with her as she blogs about this experience over at www.MusingsOfAMinistersWife.wordpress.com. To offset her serious posts, she supplements with fun things like recipes and how to siphon gas from your lawnmower.



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  1. When it takes us a lifetime to become as Christ would have us, why should we be surprised that our children (and grandchildren) don't "get it" in the few short years they have been lived thus far. Training is ongoing -- for us all.

    Great encouragement, Lisa! Very well said!