Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Therapy


Are you learning from the summer?  Are you allowing it to give you a good dose of therapy?  Have you continued to be weighed down with the drudgery and tasks of life or are you learning to lighten up a bit? 

I MADE myself take a break today from my normal pile of housework and responsibilities and took the kids to a park.  In fact, yesterday I decided that I would try to take the kids to a different park each week, for the rest of the summer.  I am tired of life’s issues beating me over the head!  It’s time to have fun with my kids!

Housework will always be here… summer will not.

Our “To Do” lists will continue to grow, and yet so will our children!  They will not always be young forever.

Stress can consume us or we can attempt to consume it!

What are you doing to take advantage of the summer with your children?  Are you giving yourself the break YOU need?  Are you using the time to rejuvenate?  You need it and so does your household!  Your children need to have fun with you!

Today, after we returned from our great time at the park with ice cream in our hands, my six year old son said, “Today starts the fun year!”  Obviously, our children are affected by the good times we have with them, and remember… it’s not just quality over quantityIt’s both!

Enjoy your summer!


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  1. I am def trying to work housework in at other times and enjoy the summer with my children. Feeling really relaxed and knowing that my children will remember our summer memories and never if the house was perfectly in order! I pick 2 days a week to buckle down and clean, everyday light chores for us all except the kitchen ;}