Friday, November 26, 2010

My Daughter’s Seventh Birthday

We celebrated my daughter’s seventh birthday with some of her friends tonight.  She wanted to have a heart birthday party. 


We made heart garland.  My niece and daughter created several hearts for us to cut out and string together.  I used a needle and thread to link them, making two holes in each heart.  We had a great decoration for little money, and my children were able to make it!


My daughter requested a heart, Funfetti cake – red with pink lettering.  Well, I couldn’t quite get it to be red (I’ve got to work on that!), but it still turned out beautifully.  I used a dark pink/light red frosting and sprinkled red sugar on top.  Then I actually used a purple decorating gel tube to write her name on top.  She loved it!


I’m a “homemade” girl, in general, so I searched for a homemade Funfetti cake recipe.  I found one that turned out quite well.

I used a single heart pan for the cake, so I had to cook it quite a bit longer.  Once it was cool, I cut it in half so I could put a frosting layer in the middle.


My father-in-law had brought me two dozen roses earlier in the week, which was such a blessing.  Little did I know then that I would use them to decorate for the birthday party as well!

We made felt pouch purses, filled them with a lip balm and some Smarties, and used them for the girls to take home as favors.  The girls enjoyed making these.  If you would like more step-by-step instructions, leave a comment, and I can post about that another time.



  1. How adorable, Lisa! You always have the cutest party ideas! I love the cake and the purses! I'd love more instructions when you get the time! Happy Birthday, Annabel!!

  2. What a SWEET day.. all those homemade attention, I am sure, made the day extra special. Its so lady like.. I love it! most ppl do princess or other movie theme parties..what a bore! this is just great and the cake is adorable!!