Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chocolate Pecan Pie

This recipe is great for the Fall, especially for Thanksgiving, which is when I like to make it. 
Taken from Honey Acres’ “Cooking with Honey” recipe booklet.
1 1/2 cups coarsely chopped pecans
1 pkg. (6 oz.) chocolate chips
1 9 inch pie shell, unbaked
3 large eggs
1 cup mild flavored honey
1/2 t vanilla
1/4 c (1/2 stick) butter, melted and cooled
Sprinkle nuts and chips over bottom of pie shell.  In medium bowl, whisk together eggs, honey, and vanilla.  Blend in butter and pour mixture into pie shell.  Bake at 325 degrees 50 to 60 minutes or until firm.  Serve slightly warm or at room temperature.  Makes 8 rich servings.
Serve with vanilla ice cream or freshly whipped cream – YUM!

Following is the piecrust I make and use.
Whole Wheat Piecrust
Taken from The New Laurel’s Kitchen
1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour (or you can use my favorite ap flour made with ultragrain)
1/2 cup wheat germ (or 1/4 cup flour)
3/4 t salt
10 T butter, chilled
4 to 6 T cold water
Stir together flour, wheat germ, and salt.  Grate the cold butter on a coarse grater or cut into small pieces, tossing it with the flour as you go.  Use a pastry cutter or two knives to combine the flour and butter until it is the consistency of rolled oats.  (I actually use my hands!) Sprinkle with the water, using just enough to hold the dough together.
Using cupped fingers, form the dough quickly and gently.  As soon as it will hold together, make it into a ball.
Press the dough out into a thick disk.  Roll to size between sheets of waxed paper.  Gently press the dough into the plate so there are no air pockets.  Cut off the excess with a sharp knife, but make the rim double thick to keep it from burning.
To keep the pastry from shrinking, and to get the flakiest crust, refrigerate it for about 2 hours or overnight before filling.
To prebake, place in a preheated oven (400 degrees) for 10 to 12 minutes.  Cool and fill.  For a partly baked shell bake only until the pastry is set, about 7 minutes.

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