Saturday, August 28, 2010

Keeping Focus


Photo credit:  my parents

The other day I read an interesting blog post about “When Homemaking Gets in the Way of Mothering”.  It was a good post about making choices and spending our time where we need to spend it, maintaining our focus on being good moms.  Within the post was an excellent quote, one that struck me deeply:

And sometimes, we have to let go of the Good to make room for what is Good For Us, so that we can offer our Best and focus on the Essential.

This is exactly where I am at in life, and frankly, probably where a lot of us are on a pretty continual basis.  We have to make choices about what is good for us so that we can be our best and keep our focus where it needs to be.  It is not easy to give up certain images of our home being perfectly decorated and orderly.  It is not easy to put aside our own goals and desires.  It is not easy to see certain things remain undone.  However, we MUST focus on what is good for us.  I am continually trying to do that.  I am continually trying to get myself to bed earlier, eat better, be more joyful, and maintain a sane plate of duties, responsibilities, and activities.  Each day is a juggling act to manage with God’s help.

I encourage you, whether you are a mom or not, to focus on what is important for you during this season of your life.  That may mean putting aside some of the things you want to do.  It may even mean putting aside some of the things you feel you *should* do or *need* to do.

May we build ourselves up so we may run the race with endurance.

May our homes be joyful places.

May our hearts be filled with peace.

May our children and husbands feel blessed.

May all who are in relationship with us be encouraged and strengthened.

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  1. This is so, so true. I feel like I'm constantly having to evaluate what I'm doing on a daily basis. I can think of so many GOOD things to do... but whether it's actually what God wants me to do is the important thing. Thanks for the reminder. :)