Monday, February 22, 2010

Enjoying the Sabbath Rest

IMG_3066 What do you think about when someone says “weekend”? I’m sure all of us have different expectations and goals for the weekend. Actually, that has caused tension in my marriage over the years. When Saturday came, I always felt like it was time to chill – time to take a breather from the norm and spend time with the family and others you appreciate. I was ready to punch my time card for the week! My husband, however, usually saw Saturdays as a day to get household projects done. As much as that was (and is!) a blessing for our family (and for me to have such a hardworking husband), I would get discouraged , thinking there wasn’t enough time for us just to BE with each other.

As I became a mom and then of more children, I felt like I never had a break. Life is plenty busy as an adult, and with my growing family, it just seems to get busier! Weekends don’t always seem to be the refreshing weekends I have imagined in my fairy tale mind. HOWEVER, I realize the appreciation I have for Sunday – the Lord’s Day, the Day when we can set aside our time and energies to focus on God and His goodness…. the Day when we can put aside work (or at least most of it) in order to re-energize and regroup.

I appreciate the benefit of corporate worship, good teaching in God’s Word, and fellowship with the believers. I appreciate being able to take a nap in the afternoon and not worry about time constraints. I appreciate doing various activities with my family in the evening and regrouping our thoughts to start a new week. I will take out my 1,000 things list tonight and add “the Sabbath rest”. Thank You, Lord!

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