Monday, February 8, 2010

1,000 Things

My mind has been in a slump for a while. Negative thinking prevails, and it is hard to feel at peace. I have been thinking about how I need to have a transformation. Somehow I need to think more positively and experience more joy in my life. Well, God is always faithful to teach us; isn’t He? He has been leading me to various articles and blogs that have been encouraging me to be “transformed by the renewing of my mind” (Romans 12:2). I ran into one challenge in particular that I decided would be good for me. I started it a little over a week ago. The “challenge” is to make a list of 1,000 things for which I am thankful. The woman who did this gave herself a deadline of a few months, and I figured I would try to do it before Baby #4 arrives. That gives me about four months. I started about 9 days ago, and I have 92 things listed so far. It has been quite an exercise! It gets me to think about the various little blessings that God bestows upon me each day. It helps me to break out of my box of downward spiral thinking and lift my thoughts to the Lord and His goodness towards me. Here are some of the items on my list so far:

1. Brian’s energy

15. A cup of tea

19. The joy of cookingIMG_4288

20. The satisfaction of vacuuming

32. My mom got out of the hospital

41. The privilege to homeschool

50. Thoughtful people

52. Happy children

57. Warm showers

62. Good friends

69. Reuniting with my kids after a weekend without them

76. A hard-working husband

82. Dimmer switches

84. God’s love

87. Quick meals

I have realized how hard it is going to be to remember if I have written something down already. I think I have repeated a couple things. I don’t think that is critical, though. I think the important thing is that I am trying to recognize the good things in life each day. Want to join me?