Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Historical Stories of Survival: A Review

A few years ago I did a review of Justine Gamble's Girls of American History unit study curriculum -- intriguing lessons about history based on the American Girl book series.

Justine is back with another great unit study curriculum:

an engaging study of history, targeting 2nd through 5th graders, based on the I Survived series of books.

The I Survived books cover various key subjects/events throughout the ages:

  • Pompeii
  • The Titanic
  • The American Revolution
  • Pearl Harbor
  • September 11th
  • ...and other significant catastrophes

A comprehensive guide of study, Historical Stories of Survival works alongside the I Survived series to provide a well-rounded, exciting view of these time periods.

Justine's heart is to provide an education that draws students in and helps them remember what they learn. Through her curriculum she provides a multi-sensory experience for children.

The Titanic unit, for instance, has a long list of resources to pick and choose from: books, Titanic build kits, coloring books, puzzles, etc. In the unit guide itself, there are fill-in-the-blanks, word searches, and a board game you can create! Through various readings and activities children are encouraged to read, hear, see, write, and do things that enhance their learning of the subject.

Each unit is intended to take about six weeks. During the first week, you read "I Survived" book, do crafts, and create a lapbook. During the subsequent five weeks, you continue the study through subject-related books and activities, using the lenses of history, geography, science, and language.

The units include:

  • Detailed weekly schedules
  • Book list: required and suggested
  • Craft resources
  • Field Trip Ideas
  • And more!
Depending on how you choose to use the material, Historical Stories of Survival can be used as more of a core curriculum or as a supplement to what you are already teaching in your home. 

If you are looking for a well put-together, history curriculum that will educate and entice your elementary students, check out Historical Stories of Survival.  

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