Saturday, July 29, 2017

Iced Coffee - My Favorite Summer Drink

Iced coffee has become my favorite drink this summer! I learned how to make a good cup of it on my own, and now I'm attached! It's a perfect way to drink coffee on these warmer summer days.

You can make fantastic iced coffee by the cup or by the pitcher.

By the cup - My favorite way!
Brewed Coffee
Half and Half
Chocolate Syrup

If your coffee is hot, you will want to make sure you use a cup that won't crack when pouring in the coffee. I LOVE my insulated cup.

First, place a handful of ice in your cup - to fill it about halfway.
Next, pour in the coffee. You will not want to fill the cup more than about 3/4 full.
Add a good dollop of half and half or you can use milk and/or cream, or even creamer.
Then put in about 1 to 2 T of chocolate syrup, stirring briskly.
If your coffee was freshly brewed, you will want to add another layer of ice.
*You can choose a different sweetener than chocolate syrup - creamer, another flavored syrup...

By the pitcher
Courtesy of Comfy in the Kitchen
5 cups of brewed, strong coffee
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup cream

First, I like to pour some ice into the pitcher.
Next pour in the coffee.
Add water, sugar, and cream and mix well.
Add more ice and keep refrigerated.


  1. Looks good my friend! In your recipe for by the cup it doesn't call for sugar but by the picture it calls for sugar did you admit it by mistake? I haven't tried ice coffee yet :-)

    1. No sugar, just chocolate syrup, which has the sugar. 😊