Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Giveaway for Mother's Day - $15 Amazon Gift Card

Mother's Day is around the corner, and I'm giving away a $15 Amazon gift card! (and I am not being paid by Amazon to do it).

This gift comes from me to you. ~SMILE~

Moms are important! They give life to the new generation, and then they pour their hearts into them: raising, training, loving, giving, serving ... endlessly.

This giveaway is for you, moms.

Happy Mother's Day!
I pray your day is truly blessed.

I will announce the winner Friday morning. Wouldn't that be a good way to start the weekend?!

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  1. What a nice idea! Motherhood is a blessing to me in many ways. It stretches me to be everything I'm not.... Patient, morning riser, nurturing, a people person. Pregnancy took me off guard and was unplanned at first, but God knew I needed these little people in my life to help me grow as an individual.

  2. Motherhood is a blessing to me because I not only get to see my children grow and flourish, but it is pushing me towards sanctification. I can say that since I have had children I have seen actual growth in my life. And I'm not sure I could say that before children

  3. Motherhood is a blessing to me because it makes me see my need for the Lord day after day. I am one person spread out to raise 4 girls. I can then show my girls that even mommy needs help just like they need help in their lives. It is truly a blessing to raise 4 precious girls. Teaching them how to be Godly ladies and showing them that God has an amazing plan for their lives.

  4. Entering this for Cara: Motherhood is a blessing because I'm challenged to be changed into the kind of person I teach my kiddos to be. If I guide my kids to be patient, kind, helpful, generous, etc I need to model that myself. Motherhood is also a blessing because it sends me RUNNING to the Lord for guidance, forgiveness, sanctification, and everything else God has to offer for us moms!! Last thing, because I could go on and on lol, it's such a blessing to see my kiddos grow in many ways. Their creativity, how they interact with each other, everything, it's all such a blessing to see.

  5. motherhood is a blessing for me because i have someone to always be there to love and be loved unconditionally. I love my kids and they are always making me smile.

  6. Entering for April: Motherhood is the most amazing journey for a woman to experience, and I am so grateful that I have been able to experience the blessing of being called "Mom" - not once, but four times by four very special little boys. Motherhood certainly isn't the most glamorous job - our bodies change, we tend to wear so many hats in our daily task of parenting such as nurse, chef, teacher, chauffeur, launderer, janitor, coach, referee, hazardous material handler, plumber, and the list goes on and on. It's in those still, small moments when your child asks you to hold them a little bit longer, asks you to read one more story, brings you a bright dandelion bouquet from the backyard, or needs your help to bandage a skinned knee and wipe their tears from their cheeks that make the magnitude of being a mother so fulfilling and enriching. Knowing that someone else is depending upon and counting on me gives me the inspiration to be my very best self for them each day. Though sometimes I fall short (more often than not) of my own expectations of myself, my sons are always quick to tell me how much they love me or what a great Mom they have, despite my many shortcomings... and those are the things I cling to on the hard and challenging days of Motherhood.