Tuesday, August 16, 2016

As Life Unravels, Remember: God Gives Good Gifts

Recently a decision was made for my family, a decision that brought a lot of confusion, frustration, and disappointment to be frank. It was a decision that was made for one of my children, yet, in the end involves the entire family.

As I analyzed and dissected the decision, it just didn’t make sense. And it hurt.This decision started a myriad of emotions and conversations in my heart that I had to settle and choose to walk away from.

Be still and know that He is God.
Psalm 46:10

In the midst of the confusion and the chaos, I had to step away from the entangled ball of yarn and see beyond it. I had to stop looking at the negative and see what good could come from this decision.

I had to ask myself:
How could this benefit my child?
How could this benefit my family?
How could this benefit the community of which we are a part?
How could God use this in our lives?
And I began to see good things.

I began to see how God could give us greater rest and simplicity through the decision.
I began to see how God could use this situation to bring growth in my child’s life.
I began to see how God sees the whole picture, and we only see a sliver.

In the middle of the entangled mess,
God and His goodness are there.

I admit… Right now, while the decision is fresh, I struggle. My disappointment is real.

YET, I confront that struggle with the reality that God is good and He gives good gifts to His children.

What are you facing right now?
Are you disappointed?
Are you heartbroken or frustrated or confused?

In the midst of your heartache, step away from it,
and ask God to help you see His goodness.

Ask God to help you remember that He loves you and has a plan for your life.

Ask God to help you remember that He does give good gifts,
and He will use your situation for good in your life.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above,
and comes down from the Father of lights.
James 1:17