Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Have You Planned Your Summer Yet?

Have You Planned Your Summer - The Cozy Nook

Each year summer seems to fly by so quickly. It arrives, and I’m already thinking about what is filling the calendar for the next few months. Finishing school, prepping for next year’s school, VBS, string camp, soccer tryouts, soccer practice, grad parties, weddings, church camp, etc.!

A third of June has already passed, and I realized that I better get my summer ideas down on paper so they become realities rather than just dreams.

Have you planned your summer yet?

Think about the following:

  • Which projects would you like to tackle? Cleaning a closet? Improving your landscape?
  • Whom would you like to see more often?
  • Which places would you like to visit? Local attractions? Parks? Beaches? Campgrounds? Other states?
  • What activities would you like to do? Biking? Canoeing? Running? Swimming?

Just today my mind was swirling with some ideas:

  • Go canoeing.
  • Plan a picnic.
  • Ride our bikes to the local ice cream store.
  • Visit one of the Great Lakes.
  • Go geocaching.
  • Plan times for my kids’ friends to come over.
  • Have friends over for an ice cream social.

And that’s just the fun stuff!

The possibilities are endless, but time isn’t!

Get busy thinking about what you would like to do this summer and make a plan!

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

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