Monday, November 10, 2014

Dear Homemaker, You Are Valued

Dear Homemaker, You Are Valued - The Cozy Nook

Dear Homemaker,

Please read this slowly:

You. Are. Valued.

What you do has value.

The words you speak have value.

Your sphere of work has value.

The people you are raising have value.

Where you live, breathe, dream, labor, toil, and rest has value.

Your act of sacrifice has value.

Your labors of love have value.

Your love for your husband has value.

Your concern for your children has value.

The people you invite into your home have value.

Your organization has value.

Your cleanliness has value.

Your meal-making has value.

Your errand-running has value.

Your transportation services have value.

Your medical services have value.

Everything you are and
everything you do has value.

God created you with value!

Don’t let this world and its voices tell you otherwise.

Don’t let the struggles of your day drag you down into the pit.

Remember that you are in the
most valuable place with
the most valuable people
on the face of this earth.

You have the privilege of serving in an arena God established as sacred and holy from the beginning – the home.

Homemaker, never forget:

You. Are. Valued.

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