Sunday, August 24, 2014

Our Daily Homeschool Routine–The Family Flow

Our Homeschool Routine - The Cozy Nook

So far, I’ve shown you my proposed morning and evening routines. I hope that you found them helpful and inspiring and that you are creating your own morning and evening routines.

Another routine I have been working on is our school routine. Since we homeschool, this is the routine for the basic flow of our days. We use it to guide us throughout the day.

Although each year of homeschooling is different, I have noticed that the big picture tends to look fairly similar each year.

Here is what we are starting with and will tweak as needed throughout the year.

6:00 Wake time for me. I implement my morning routine.
7:00 Wake time for my oldest, starting 9th grade this year
8:00 Wake time for my other three children
8:00 Breakfast. I do the dishes. Kids do morning routines and start school work.
9:00 Worship and Bible
9:30 – 12:00 School for everyone. My kids will work independently, and I will teach and tutor as needed.
9:30 Preschool with my youngest
10:00 Snack
11:00 I teach Science and History to my middle two children
12:00 Lunch. Recess. Kids practice an Instrument. I check papers.
~1:00-3:00 Kids finish schoolwork, with me helping as necessary.
1:00/1:30 Rest/quiet time for my preschooler
2:00 Regroup time for me: Read, rest.
2:30 Snack. Kids can practice instruments. Chore time for me, if necessary.
3:00 I check papers.
4:00 Dinner prep.
5:00/6:00 Dinner, depending on evening schedule

Need help planning your own school routine?

  • Think about wake times.
  • Pencil in meal times.
  • What time do you want to start school?
  • Do you want to establish a family worship time?
  • Are there group subjects you are teaching?
  • Do you need a rest time during the day?
  • What time do you need to start dinner?
  • If your children play instruments, what is a good time for them to do that?

Don’t get overwhelmed with planning a routine. Start simple. You don’t even have to plan everything in your day.

Having a basic outline of the day helps us stay on target and makes for a better, more productive day.

Best wishes!

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