Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Homeschooling: Are You Ready for the New School Year?

Ready for the New School Year - The Cozy Nook
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Well, it’s the middle of July already, and you know what that means. Yep, the summer is flying by.

Before you know it, your new school year will be in session. Are you ready for it?

I’m in the process of getting my new homeschool year ready. I’m filing away old stuff, ordering new curriculum, and trying to have all my ducks in a row so I feel confident when the new school year begins.

Are you ready?

Print out the above checklist to help keep you on track and get your homeschool in order.


  1. I'm not ready just yet. I'm going to have to get there, though.

    1. Yes, I'm getting there, myself! Blessings to you! :-)