Saturday, June 21, 2014

Washer Necklaces: A Fun, Simple Craft

Washer Necklaces - The Cozy Nook

I hosted a girls’ night for the girls’ groups at our church, and we made these cool necklaces, inspired by these necklaces.

The necklaces are simple to make with inexpensive materials, and the sky is the limit on creativity since you can mix and match whatever colors you choose!

Washer Necklace Supplies - The Cozy Nook

Needed Supplies:

  • Washers. Mine were labeled 5/8” at the hardware store and were about 1 3/4” across.
  • Nail Polish
  • Twine. I purchased mine here. Cut each necklace strand to be 1 yd (3 ft) long. If you do it any shorter, you won’t be able to fit the necklace over your head.
  • Beads

First, paint your washer, using nail polish, with whatever color and design you desire.

Wait for the washer to dry completely before moving forward.

Next, secure the twine strand through the washer with a knot. Even up the raw ends of the strand. Put the folded end of the twine through the hole of the washer and put the raw ends of the strand through the folded end to create the knot.

Knot on Necklace

Bead your necklace, if you desire. To help the beading process, have a bowl of water nearby. Moisten the ends of your necklace strand and twist them together to form a needle. You can bead larger beads on both strands together and smaller beads on the individual strands.

Threading the Necklace - The Cozy Nook

When you are finished, tie a knot at the end of your twine to complete your project.

Necklaces 2 - The Cozy Nook

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