Thursday, June 12, 2014

How Coffee Can Help Your Marriage

How Coffee Can Help Your Marriage - The Cozy Nook

My husband and I really didn’t drink coffee until a handful of years ago. I think a combination of factors led us to start drinking the beloved beverage.

  • We were in our mid-thirties, feeling a bit older and more “mature”. (Isn’t that when you really should be drinking coffee?)
  • We had welcomed a teenager into our home, felt more pressure in life, and were pretty stressed and fatigued.
  • We saw so many other people around us enjoying and appreciating their coffee.

Why not try it ourselves?

Soon enough we had gotten ourselves into the coffee habit.

We started with Frappuccino's, moved onto Café Mochas, and then eventually to daily coffee servings from our newly-acquired French Press.

Those who don’t see a great benefit to coffee will wonder why we ever thought to do such a crazy thing! Others will wonder why we took so long.

Regardless, I can actually say that

Our coffee habit has helped our marriage.

A few years ago, when our teen niece lived with us, we were able to start getting out – just the two of us – for a short while. Since we had started to like coffee, we would cozy ourselves into the car, grab a coffee somewhere, and SLOWLY drive home.

These short, but sweet, times
would help us connect.

They reminded us to keep our marriage first and take time out for one another.

They helped us get away from the craziness of life.

They inspired us to keep spending more time with each other and run the race together!

Still, to this day, we are able to get out to grab a coffee together, at least once a week. We make it a priority, and it has become a habit.

Maybe coffee isn’t your thing or your spouse’s thing.
Nonetheless, dating your spouse needs to be your thing.

Life’s not easy, and marriage isn’t easy.
If we want good marriages, we must work to make them that way!

What can you do to encourage short, sweet times of connecting in your marriage?

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  1. I love this post, having a coffee together is a great way to keep the communication lines open. It's just a great time to bond, relax and talk. I thoroughly agree with you post thanks for reminding me to take time out for the important things.