Wednesday, May 28, 2014

You Can Benefit from an Afternoon Siesta!

An Afternoon Siesta

Each day is filled with a lot of action.

There is a lot of giving.
There are a lot of needs.
…and there’s only so much of you.

You need a time to refresh!

I have heard some moms say they don’t have time to take a break for themselves throughout the day. First, let me say that this is something for which you make time so you can be a better woman, wife, mom, homemaker, and all the other things you need to be!

Also, although some moms may be able to function without an afternoon break, many moms can not. It can be dangerous for some women if they do not get a break and keep burning the candle at both ends all day long – dangerous to their own well-beings, the state of their homes, the state of their relationships, and more!

Ever since my children were born, I have made it a priority to regroup in the afternoon. It’s important to me and to my household.

I need to regroup,
and my family needs me to regroup!

An afternoon siesta does not have to be long. On average, my break is anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes long, depending on how I am feeling, how my day is going, and what the needs are for the day.

You can sleep, read, pray, be still, relax… whatever helps you to recharge and be ready for the rest of the day.

I encourage you to try to take time out for yourself in the afternoon.

It helps me immensely!

You, too, can benefit from an afternoon siesta!

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