Sunday, May 18, 2014

Why You Should Clean Your Child’s Room

Why You Should Clean Your Child's Room - The Cozy Nook
I know what you are doing right now. You are rubbing your eyes to see if you actually read that title correctly.
“What did she say? Clean my child’s room?”
Yep, that’s what I said.
Ultimately, the goal is for your child to learn how to clean his room on his own. After all, we are raising the next generation of adults, and we want them to be responsible.
However, many children do not naturally clean things on their own. They learn by watching others, and they just need help!

Clean with your child

When you clean your child’s room with your child, your child has the awesome privilege and example of learning right beside you!
When your child’s room gets messy, don’t necessarily just send him in there alone. Step in with your child and get your hands dirty. Chances are that your child does not enjoy being alone, trying to tackle a messy room. That can be overwhelming, boring, and lonely. 

On occasion, clean the room by yourself

Sometimes a child’s room will get out of hand, and it is best for us to clean the room ourselves. Find a time when the child will not be home or is occupied and clean away!
This is a great surprise for most children! They enjoy seeing their rooms clean and that is what you want them to feel satisfaction and enjoyment over having a clean room!
When a child lives in an unorganized, cluttered, or dirty area, he gets used to it. Whether or not he thinks he likes it, he probably carries extra stress and negativity in life because his living area is not clean. It does not feel refreshing and energizing to live in such an environment.
Children need clean rooms to inspire them!
We can help them!
Is your child’s room messy?
Don’t just wait for a miracle to happen. Make it happen.
Help keep your child’s room clean.

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  1. I totally agree, Lisa. Eventually, that clean room will feel "normal" and they will be motivated to keep it that way so they can think clearly. You will set up the standard of what a bedroom SHOULD look like. And doing it WITH them helps them get that feeling of accomplishment rather than feeling overwhelmed.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Lynn. :-)