Monday, April 14, 2014

Raising Children: Balancing Correction with Praise

Balancing Correction with Praise - The Cozy Nook

One day I was wholeheartedly into the day, fulfilling my motherly role.

“Stop chewing with your mouth, full.”

“Be nice to your sister.”

“Don’t do that.”

“Please be quiet.”

The critiques were flying quickly out of my mouth, and my heart was starting to feel a bit weighed down. I could feel the heaviness of all of the correction. UGH.

Even my husband noticed and said something to me, “You need to relax a little bit.”

My heart testified. I knew I needed to relax, but I also knew that our children needed a lot of direction, and we are the ones who provide it.

It’s true. Parenthood involves giving a lot of correction. Children need us to train their immature, sinful hearts.

Their habits rub us the wrong way.
Attitudes disappoint and hurt us.
Actions dishearten us, causing us to wonder where we are going wrong.

When it comes to raising children, correction is necessary, but praise is what enables our children to change.

When our children feel loved, approved, and needed, they will be more motivated to follow our lead and respond to the things we are teaching them.

When our children feel secure and noticed, they will more easily gravitate towards positive change.

With every dose of correction we give, we should be seeking to give twice the amount of praise.

Are you praising your child enough?

Create a positive relationship with your child.

Don’t forget the praise! Lather it on, and ask God for grace to hold your tongue when your child is doing something that irks you. Maybe it doesn’t need to be addressed for the 10th time that day.

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