Saturday, December 21, 2013

Inexpensive, Thoughtful Gifts


Christmas is not about the amount of money you spend. It is possible to give to someone this season without spending a lot of money. Some people choose not to give because they think they can not do so when they don’t have money. Not true! There are ways we can give that are inexpensive (sometimes free, or close to it!) and thoughtful.

Heartfelt Tokens
Create a picture collage or book.
Write a letter of appreciation and thanks.
Write a poem, possibly about the recipient.
Use your talents: write a story, record a piece of music or play a live concert for someone in your home, paint a picture …
Give coupons for chores, errands, or projects.

Homemade goodies
Flavored popcorn.
Christmas cookies.
Homemade creamer.
Instant mixes for hot cocoa, pancakes, muffins …

Gift of time
Give a coupon for a lunch at your house.
Provide a free babysitting night for someone’s children.
Invite the person over for tea and cookies.

Gift cards
Coffee shop.
Ice cream spot.
Accessory store.

Grocery store items
Tea, cocoa, or instant coffee.
A box of the recipient’s favorite cookies or other favorite grocery store food.

Perhaps you have something at home that has not been used at all and may even still be in its original packaging!
Perhaps you have something that has been used, but it is in “like new” condition – a book, household d├ęcor, household item …

Books and Magazines
You could purchase one brand new, or you could search through your own home. Do you have back issues of a magazine your friend or relative would love? Wrap them in a bundle with some ribbon!

I am sure there are a lot more ideas! This is just to get your brain going!

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to give something to someone!

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