Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas is Over. Now What?


Do you ever feel that letdown, as Christmas ends? It feels like the feeling you feel after planning a wedding or some other big event. You pour so much time and energy into something, and then… it’s over.

I love Christmas. I really do. It is always sad to see the celebration has ended.

However, there’s still plenty to do!

  • Write out thank you notes for the people who gave you gifts.
  • Give to the poor and needy. Give to a charity or to someone you know personally.
  • Make Christmas cookies! Yes, even though the holiday is “technically” over, there are still plenty of cookie recipes that fit the winter season quite well.
  • Listen to Christmas music! Who said you have to stop?
  • If you weren’t able to send out Christmas cards, you can still send a letter or a note to someone.
  • You can always give someone a present! If there were people you forgot or just didn’t get around to shopping a lot, it is never too late to show someone you care, even with something simple.
  • Of course, with the New Year approaching, you can start preparing for that!
    • Do some cleaning and organizing in your home.
    • Prepare a celebration with friends or family.
    • Reflect upon the past year and plan for the year ahead.

Keep celebrating. Keep giving.
Keep moving forward with God!

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