Sunday, November 24, 2013

Appreciate the Little Things in Life

Little Things

The other day I saw the moon in its glory. It was beautiful.

It was low in the sky, massive, and sunset-orange in color. My husband was driving somewhere separately at the same time, and he noticed it as well. He texted me. "Do you see the moon?"

"Yep, couldn't miss it," I thought.

Seeing the moon brought a smile to my face. It was one of those spectacularly simple, yet divine, moments in life -- one of those moments when you are reminded that God is the Creator of the universe and made all things beautiful.

Seeing the moon was a short moment, but an important moment. It was silent and quick, but it made a lasting impression on my soul.

The crux of our lives is full of good and important things that are sometimes very hard, especially in this sin-filled world.

  • Parenting
  • Marriage
  • Leadership
  • Home Management
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Education
  • Health

These things occupy a majority of our efforts and thoughts. Our days can be grueling as we strive to succeed in these areas.

However, most of us wake up each day and are blessed immediately.

We wake up in a comfy bed with warm blankets and cushy pillows, perhaps even next to a spouse we love.

We proceed throughout the morning and are confronted with the possibility of a myriad of blessings:

  • The ability to read God's Word and encounter Him
  • A warm shower
  • A good breakfast
  • A cup of coffee or tea
  • Greetings and hugs from family members
  • A closetful of clothes
  • Beautiful d├ęcor that graces our homes
  • Sunlight that brightens the day or Rain that brings refreshment to the earth

and the day has just begun...

If we are able to grasp the small and somewhat silent things throughout our days, I believe they will give us strength.

The small pleasures of life add up
to one great, big, blessed life.

Focus on the small, silent, good things in your life today.

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