Friday, October 11, 2013

Zone Cleaning: Tackle the House Together!

Last year we started zone cleaning. It has been a huge blessing! Since we started zone cleaning, I have run across other people who also use this system to keep their home more orderly.
With zone cleaning, people in the house are assigned zones to maintain. In our home, the children have a zone that they monitor throughout the week. Daily, usually in the morning, they are required to do a quick pick-up, shaking of rugs, and sometimes a sweep, depending on the zone. Weekly, usually on Friday or Saturday, they do a more thorough cleaning which involves dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming.
Since zone cleaning requires regular attention, it helps keep our home in better order daily. Even if there are messes and projects to tackle, the general atmosphere of our home feels clean and manageable.
Zone cleaning helps your children to gain responsibility as they learn to watch over an area of the home themselves. They also learn the importance of work and see the reward of keeping their area clean.
If you are feeling overwhelmed by the state of your home and/or just want to get your children more involved in the upkeep of your home, try zone cleaning!

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