Monday, September 9, 2013

Segmenting Life–Dealing with Life’s Busyness.


Soccer. Homeschooling. Church. Piano lessons. Violin lessons. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. My husband's needs. Church leadership. Ballet. Social engagements. My children’s needs. My blog ...

On any given day, these things occupy my brain and my time. Life is continual. Life is busy. Life is moving fast.

Our fall schedule is revving up, but the priorities of my life remain the same.

I want to live a full and joyful life, accomplishing God's will, remaining calm and thankful.

Sometimes we do need to focus on how we should simplify our lives and be less busy. However, there is a stark reality for many of us that our lives are going to be busy. I don’t think that is bad actually. We are meant to be busy – busy, but not overwhelmed, maxed out, and left for dead.

How can we experience more
victory in the midst of busyness?

Segment life.

The Lord has graciously been helping me learn this valuable lesson of segmenting life. I tend to be a “big picture” kind-of-girl and think about too many things at once. My mind spins and whirls and ends up paralyzing me (or at least slowing me down) rather than fueling me into greatness. Too much thought brings too much worry and doesn’t allow me to focus my energies on the real needs of THE MOMENT.

How can we segment life?

  • Do your best to THINK ABOUT TODAY, only.
  • Better yet, THINK ABOUT NOW. What is going on right NOW in your life that needs your full attention?
  • Don't focus on what is coming up, even later today, unless you have to prep for it.
  • Allow your mind and emotions to be fixated on the life experiences God has for you TODAY.

Worrying about the future, even hours from now,
simply robs us of serenity.

Feeling busy? Do your best to take each day (each moment) one-at-a-time.

Go to that soccer game and enjoy it.
Drive your child to the piano lesson and remember it is a blessing for your family.
Do that next load of laundry and be thankful you have a washing machine.
Do the dishes and listen to some pretty music.
Postpone something so you can spend more time with your loved ones right now.

Ask God to help you focus on now. Don’t get caught up with the scheduled events of your life and miss life itself. 

Live fully, calmly, and joyfully
with God’s help.

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