Monday, April 29, 2013

Are You Magnanimous?


My husband recently introduced this word to me:

MagnanimousNoble of mind and heart.  Generous in forgiving.  Above revenge or resentment.  Unselfish.  Gracious. (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. 1982)

To be magnanimous is to possess nobility of character that transcends circumstances and offense.

To be magnanimous is to rise above and beyond sinful and human tendencies and choose to be godly.

To be magnanimous is to strive for perfection of character, reaching for God’s goal of our heart’s refinement.

Sometimes I do not feel very magnanimous. Sometimes I am not very magnanimous.

However, I want to be magnanimous. 

I want to be noble, through and through.  I want to please my Lord.

All of us love magnanimous people, but how willing are we to be magnanimous?

Are we willing to seek nobility of mind and heart, no matter the cost?
Are we willing to forgive generously?
Are we willing to be above revenge and resentment?
Are we willing to be selfless?
Are we willing to be gracious, especially in tough situations?

May God help us to be magnanimous!

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  1. I appreciated this post -- it gives me much to think about :-)

    Thank you!