Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Supporting Your Husband When He Travels

My husband has traveled a couple times recently for work.  I know that, just as it can be difficult for me when he travels, it isn’t always easy for him.  It’s not easy to be on his own, faring for himself, without his family, when he is used to being with us.  It’s not easy to be in a hotel room, with a television full of temptation and garbage sitting in front of him with not much else to do.  It’s not easy for him when there’s a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (grrrr…. don’t get me started!) glaring at him from the airport newsstand.

It’s nice for him to know, when he is away, that I am still thinking about him, caring for him, and praying for him.

I wrote out a note for each day he would be gone and stuck them in his suitcase.  I tried to stick them in a spot where he would not find the notes before he left, but he did find them.  I wrote encouraging and loving thoughts, along with a Scripture for each day.


For my husband’s last trip, I was not quite as organized ahead of time.  Instead of putting notes in his suitcase, I made it my goal to send him an email each morning, intended to brighten his day.

When my husband when for a road trip, I equipped him with plenty of snacks.  I ran out to the store, bought some healthy and yummy snacks, stabled them in a plastic container and secretly put them in the front of his car.  (Of course, he found those before he left too!)  One day he texted me, “It’s a good thing you gave me those snacks because I didn’t have time to grab breakfast this morning”.


I also made a fresh batch of homemade, chocolate chip cookies.  You can never go wrong with those!


Is your husband traveling soon?

Make sure you do your best to support him.

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