Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What’s in Your Husband’s Lunch?


Right about now, many people are discussing what to put in their children’s lunches.  Since we homeschool, that thought isn’t in my mind so much as to what I should put in my husband’s  lunches.

Recently, I started feeling like a pretty bad wife.  My husband was getting teased for some of the lunches he was bringing to work.  Yes, to be honest, they were pretty wimpy.  Sometimes it was because we were “waiting for that next paycheck” before I did another grocery run.  Oftentimes it was just because I did not put enough time and effort into making my husband’s lunch better.

I am determined to make better lunches for my husband!

I want him to have an ample, tasty lunch!

I want his lunch to be a good reflection of my love for him.

My goal is to have something from each of the three categories in his lunch:

  1. Main entrée:  leftovers, a sandwich, a hearty salad, or something simple like a frozen burrito or Hot Pocket.
  2. Fruit or Vegetable:  apple, banana, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, raisins or craisins, strawberries….
  3. Salty or Sweet:  potato or tortilla chips, homemade popcorn, trail mix, homemade baked goods – cookies, brownies, etc.

Depending on what is in his lunch, I may want to add extra protein, like cheese and crackers or a boiled egg.

What’s in your husband’s lunch?


  1. Lunches are always challenging for me too! Usually I have enough leftovers from the night before, but my husband also has a snack so I have to think of little things to put in. Once I bought a Costco-size bag of almonds for him...he was so sick of them by the end of the month! Good veggie ideas too! :-)

  2. great ideas!

    Love your visits over to Ordinary Inspirations! You are a blessing!

    Love, Traci Michele