Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Little Blessings

Wait.  Pinch me.  Am I really blogging? 

Life continues to remind hectic and hard.  I fight against it and try to simplify as much as possible, leaning on the Lord, looking for peace.  Hence, my blog is usually one of the last things I am able to pursue.

Where do I start? 

  • My son’s birthday party
  • The decorative craft I made for the grad party
  • Our new breakfast craze

I know.  How about the some of the little blessings in life that are keeping me going?

A quiet, happy moment from my daughter
when she was miserably sick a couple weeks ago.


The new planner I found at Meijer yesterday, which has task list pages sandwiched in between each week’s calendar pages.  Perfect!  The thought had just crossed my mind that I needed something like this until I create a homemaking binder for myself or something.

P6190019   P6190020

Two pairs – yep, count ‘em… two pairs of Eddie Bauer jeans
for $20 total!  I was returning another pair that I
had ordered online for $35
(a great deal for EB jeans) and found these!


Three of my children lined up at the door with extreme goodness
and silence, trying to bless us on a busy Father’s Day
morning as we were heading to church.


Life may be busy.  It may be tough.

However, God’s blessings are always there with us.

What has blessed you lately?


  1. Cute pics! I love that planner. That is exactly what I need! Gotta have my lists! (; I am glad you are able to see the blessings in the crazy times! It makes the difficult times not so hard when we focus on the good things in life. That's what I am trying to do too. (:

  2. I totally hear you, about blogging being low on the list of things to do. It seems that things are getting busy around here and July looks even busier. Thanks for the good reminder to always be looking for the blessings!