Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lego Birthday Party

My sons are obsessed with Legos, so much that it drives me crazy at times – well, mainly the mess they leave on the floor of their bedroom. 

For my son’s recent seventh birthday, he wanted to have a Lego theme.  He created the idea for his birthday cake with a little help from Pinterest. 


I am humbling myself by posting the picture because the cake definitely turned out much less than professional!

I realized after I made the cake that I should have frosted the cake before I put the peanut butter cups on top.  It was a bear(!) trying to smooth out the frosting with the cups on top already.  Ugh!

The basic gist:  a rectangular dark chocolate cake with large Reese’s peanut butter cups for the Lego studs.  Coat everything with frosting of your choice, and of course, add your favorite Lego characters!  You could certainly be creative and do a cool color.  My son and I have a strong bond.  We are chocolate lovers, and sometimes that overrules other decisions. 


When I was at Target, preparing for my son’s birthday, I ran into these cute napkins, and Lego-ish candles.  They helped make our party a success!


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