Thursday, April 26, 2012

Homeschool Week: Practical Tips for Homeschooling the Distractible Child

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Homeschool Week

April 23 through April 28

Yesterday I stressed the importance of building relationship with our distractible children.  Today I will present to you some practical tips you can consider to (hopefully) make your day run more smoothly.

Start with him first. Make him the priority.

Let your child choose a subject to start the day. Then you choose the next subject and keep alternating throughout the day.

Do shorter lessons.  You may have to do half of the child’s math in the morning and half in the afternoon. 

Be prepared to spend a good portion of time sitting by him.  You may have to “hold his hand”a bit.  He will not be so independent.

Create goals and rewards as incentives.  If the child wants to do something, require a certain subject{s} to be finished first.

Take breaks often.

Encourage physical activity and outdoor play.

Vary the subjects between difficult or less-engaging and more interesting subjects, i.e. math, science, english, writing, piano, spelling, geography.

Incorporate hands-on activities when possible.

Make time for their creativity and desires. 

Create realistic goals for the day.  Don’t expect to cruise through the curriculum all of the time or do *every* problem.  Your goal is for your child to progress and learn, not to get “x" amount of pages done.

Give yourself freedom to change curriculum, even during the middle of the year.  Your distractible child may need different curriculum than the rest of your children, especially for the more meticulous subjects like math.

Work towards creating a positive environment.  We must be patient, loving, and encouraging.  A distractible child will not do well in a tense, frustrated environment.  Who will?

Learn to be flexible.  This is not always easy.  We like our routines, our order, and our control.  We have to learn to let go somewhat.

You can do this!

God gave you your children
and is in the business of shaping all of you!

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