Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good Spelling Practice: Writing Letters


Do you have a struggling speller?

Sometimes the spelling program alone, just doesn’t cut it for some kids.  All of us have weaknesses, and kids who don’t spell well need a lot of reinforcement and repetition.  Some kids even need more creative, hands-on ways to practice their spelling, and I mentioned some things that have helped us recently.

Besides using our regular spelling program, I decided to have my daughter write one letter per week to a person of her choice, on the subject of her choice.  She likes writing letters and building relationships, so this practice is perfect for her!

In her journal (above), she writes a letter to someone – all on her own.  The next day we proofread and revise the letter as necessary – checking the format of the letter and mainly looking for spelling errors.  We make the corrections together, and I try to teach her during this time too.  I want the words to stick as much as possible, so I think of ways to help her remember the words.

The following day she writes the final version of her letter on a pretty piece of paper or stationery, and we mail it out!

I have to say, her spelling has improved quite a bit over the past few weeks from the extra effort I have put into helping her excel.

It makes us both happy!

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