Sunday, March 4, 2012

Exercise: It Does a Body (and Soul!) Good

I feel like I'm just about the last person on earth who should be writing a blog post about exercise!  I always have good intentions to exercise, but it gets pushed down to the bottom of the list, all the time!
Lately, though, I have been feeling more inspired and pressed to exercise.  It's been weighing on my heart, and I've been looking for the right opportunity to plunge into the activity!
Today was the day!  I had "another one of those days". I was feeling pretty sluggish and overwhelmed by my emotions from challenges of the day.  I asked my hubby to get the kids in bed, so I could exercise.  My mind was made up!  
I changed my clothes, slipped on my jogging shoes, and popped in my exercise DVD. Yep - the 20 minute cardiovascular workout sounds just right!
During and after my workout, I felt better.
I felt energetic.
The endorphins kicked in.
I felt negative emotions and baggage release.
Ahhhh....  Comfort for the body and the soul!
Studies have shown that stress dissipates with exercise.
Our bodies need movement.  Our blood needs good circulation.  Our lungs need to exhale and inhale more deeply.  Our hearts need to be revived! Our minds and emotions gain benefit from it all!
Have you had challenges in your life lately?  Have you felt sluggish?  Have you felt you needed or wanted to exercise?
Go for it! 
Give yourself a realistic goal.  When I *do* exercise, I usually only have time for about 15 or 20 minutes. Something’s better than nothing!

Get yourself moving and feel better!

For some valuable core exercises
check out Mass Gain Source's article here!

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