Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ways to Pour into Your Hubby for Valentine’s Day


A couple years ago we went to a bocce ball restaurant with some friends for Valentine’s Day.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is nearly here!  Just as it is good to review our hopes and dreams when New Year’s Eve arrives, it can be just as fitting to review the state of our marriage relationships during the Valentine’s Day season.

You *could* evaluate your current status in your marriage and focus on all of the negatives ~ all of the things that are lacking or going wrong ~ all of the things that are bothering you ~ all of the things *you* are not getting. 

Instead, I encourage you (and myself!) to evaluate your marriage and see what baby steps you can take to make your marriage more vibrant.

Here are some loving and thoughtful things you could do for Valentine’s Day to show your husband you care:

Make breakfast in bed for him.

Wake up earlier to have a cup of coffee with him and good conversation, centered around positive things.

Send him caring notes throughout the day:  in his car, in his lunch, on his phone, at his desk, on his pillow, etc.

Play a game together.

Watch one of his favorite movies with him.

Try very hard not to say anything negative about him or your household.

Give him a massage.

Take him on a date!  YOU plan it.  Consider what he enjoys doing!

Buy (and wear!) some new, flirty PJs.

Cook some of his favorite foods.

Complete something on your “To Do” list that has been of utmost priority to him.

Most of all, pray for him.  Pray for your marriage.  Pray for the Lord to show you what your husband needs from you right now and how God wants to change your heart.

Think of what you can do to bless your wonderful husband.


  1. That was one of the best Valentine's Day!! We had so much fun playing bocce ball with you guys. Love all of your suggestions and ideas for showing our spouse we love and respect them.

  2. Such a good list! I put a note in his lunch today and definitely cooked some favorite foods! But I really need to work on the rest of theses now.