Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Good Wife’s Guide: Embracing Your Role As a Help-Meet by Darlene Schacht

The Good Wife’s Guide by Darlene Schacht is a great book for any wife who desires to live a Biblical life before God and unto her husband.  Darlene is the author of the “Time-Warp Wife” blog.  She truly delivers a message that is not of this world and age where selfishness and personal rights are the driving forces. 

Many of us want to become better wives. We read book after book and blog after blog, looking for the “hands-on” solutions. Darlene emphasizes that “change begins in the heart where a battle is constantly taking place.” (Chapter 4) When we tackle the heart issues of our lives as wives, we can move forward much faster!

Darlene’s book is Scripturally-based, giving the reader a proper premise for living.

I love what she says:  “Scripture isn’t a candy bowl by which we pick and choose our favorite words hoping to satiate our palette.” (Chapter 10)

That is the truth, and if we are going to become the wives God wants us to become, we must look to His Word for our ultimate guidance.

In her book, Darlene covers wonderful topics, such as:

Self-discipline Order
Priorities Submission
Heart attitudes Unity
Planning our days Weekly schedules
Organizing our homes Simplifying

Darlene’s message reminds us that the essence of good wifehood and motherhood is servanthood, something God has been greatly impressing upon my own heart recently!  She addresses the realities of our lives with good, solid thoughts, encouraging words, and practical advice! 

“Are you a stay-at-home mom so that you can care for your children or your internet friends?” (Chapter Three)

The first part of Darlene’s book covers heart and conceptual issues to think and pray about, while the second part of her book includes many practical tips for caring for your home.  I guarantee you will glean something beneficial from this book!

I highly recommend The Good Wife’s Guide E-book!

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May God give us the strength and vision to be great wives!

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