Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cupcake Liner Topiary: A Perfect Craft for Valentine’s Day



My daughter and I made this topiary.  We started to make it like the one that originally inspired me.  However, as we were making our project, the thought crossed our minds to put the foam ball into the pot directly (rather than on a stick).  We think the results are lovely.

We are using our creation as a centerpiece throughout Valentine’s week and then it will be transported to my daughter’s room where she will enjoy its beauty there.

How to Create the Topiary

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You will need:


Foam ball, a size that fits just a bit inside your pot – enough to glue it into your pot.   Burlap or other material, if desired
Cupcake liners – 1 pkg of about 75 liners should do.   Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Heat your glue gun.

Place the foam ball inside the pot.  Shape cupcake liners and affix to the ball with a dollop of hot glue.  (We wrapped and “folded” the liners around our index fingers with the non-decorative side facing inward).  Quickly place the liner on your foam ball and hold for about 10 – 15 seconds, until the liner is sufficiently glued to the ball.  Continue until all of the foam sticking out of the pot is covered.

Glue your foam ball into the pot.

Cut a piece of burlap or other material, just enough to wrap around your pot once. Trim the fabric so it lines up with the bottom of the pot. Glue in a few areas around the top edge of the fabric to hold in place.

Cut your ribbon to a desired length.  Wrap around the pot and glue in place in a few areas to help hold it.  Tie your ribbon.

Appreciate your creation!

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