Sunday, February 5, 2012

Breaking Out of the Mold


When we review our family’s needs, sometimes we have to break away from the mold.

Each family has its particular strengths and weaknesses, and the individuals within that family have their own strengths and weaknesses.  Therefore, each family will have to decide on things that are best for their family. 

Continually we need to be before the throne of God, getting wisdom from Him as to how we are to go about our days.

Lord, how should we educate our children?

Lord, how should we order our schedules?

Lord, in which activities would you have our family participate?

Lord, where should we spend our money?

Lord, to whom should I reach out this week?

God has a specific plan for our lives, and we need to find that plan and live it out to its fullness!

Currently, I am being encouraged to break out of the mold.  One of my children has some desperate needs in our schooling, and I am going to do all I can to help my child succeed!  That is one huge benefit of homeschooling for us!  I am happy that I have the flexibility to change my children’s education and orient our days so I may teach my children the skills they need to excel in this world.

What is God teaching you these days?

What does God want for your family?

Listen to Him and don’t be afraid to break away from the mold.

Noah did.

Abraham did.

Jesus did.


  1. So true, Lisa. I have the tendency to instead ask, What will others think of our family if we make this decision? Instead of simply, what is the best thing for our family?

    Great reminder, my friend.

  2. Very true. I have a cold and didn't feel like doing much today so we played several games today and worked on memorizing U.S. presidents which culminated in a trip to McDonalds for the promised ice cream cone to anyone that could name the first 18 presidents without a mistake.