Friday, January 27, 2012

Cherishing Your Children


Imagine someone placed a gourmet meal before you to enjoy.

The meal included your favorite dishes and was presented on the most elegant place settings.  Your favorite people were there to enjoy it with you. 

You glance at the table, take one quick bite and say, “Gotta run!  I’ve got important things to do.  My to-do list is out of this world!

Oftentimes that is how we treat our days.

We are consumed with the activities and responsibilities of life, forgetting to consciously cultivate and appreciate the special people in our lives.

If you have children, God has placed a buffet before you, a platter full of goodies and tastes galore!

He has placed wonderful, living, breathing, thinking, lovable humans into your hands to enjoy with delight. 

Are you cherishing your children?


Are you delighting in these days that you have them in your home or are you secretly (or publicly) wishing them away, anxiously waiting for the day when they would “just grow up already”?

Do you see your children as interruptions or as the very meaning and crux of your being as a mother?

Are you relishing your children and soaking it all in – their cuteness, their strengths and skills, their affection, their hopes and dreams?

It’s time to start cherishing your children!

Be with your children as much as possible.

Snuggle with them throughout the day.

Kiss and hug them.

Tell them you love them.

Be aware of your children’s needs at all times.

Take time to talk with your children.

Rejoice with them when they rejoice.

Enjoy the time you spend with them and make sure they know it.

Take interest in their interests.

Plan special times at home or elsewhere with them – “date time”.


Life is short.

The days are long, but the years go by quickly.

Our children will be grown within a blink of the eye.


Let’s savor our children and show the world that, YES,

children are REALLY blessings!


  1. Children are wonderful blessings - we are so very blessed to have our son! Lovely post! Your blog is looking great - good job!! :)