Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Your Personal Celebration of Christmas


All over the world there are discussions as to HOW to celebrate Christmas.  Topics include gifts, parties, donations to charity, decorations, etc…  Someone like me can feel overwhelmed in trying to create the perfect holiday.

In the end, the choice is up to you as to how you observe Christmas.  The celebration of Christmas is just that – a celebration, a personal reflection of the values and desires of your heart.

Some may choose to celebrate by keeping things simple and humble.  Others think it is important to glam things up a bit (or a lot!) and give abundantly. 

Some may attend every Christmas event possible while others may choose a select few events to keep their lives more doable during this season.

Whatever you decide to do, be confident in your decision.

Have peace!

This is YOUR celebration of Jesus. 

The season of Christmas should heighten our lives not drain them.

Are your activities lining up with the way you desire to celebrate the gift of Jesus Christ?

May your life be blessed as you attempt to keep in step with the meaning of Christmas – peace, holiness, generosity, fellowship, and joy!

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