Monday, December 5, 2011

Sweet Treats–Homemade Gumdrops and a Spectacular Chocolate Cake


My daughter’s birthday usually starts the process of making fun goodies, taking us through the holiday season.  A couple weeks ago we made homemade gumdrops.  They were fun to try.

You can find the recipe here at “Bakerella”. 

When we made the gumdrops,

we put them in a mini loaf pan to set.


That worked well for us.  Our pan was non-stick, so the molds came out quite easily.

The recipe says to let the mixture set overnight in the refrigerator before you cut and coat the pieces with sugar.  We let it set about eight hours throughout the day, and that did not seem to be enough.  After our first coating of sugar, the gelatin started to melt a bit after a while.  I put the pieces back in the frig. for several more hours and then coated the pieces again, since the sugar seemed like it had dissolved or something.  All of this to say, I would recommend a long overnight set – like 12 hours or more – before cutting and coating!

We used lemon extract, almond extract, and vanilla extract to flavor the gumdrops.  Almond was voted as the favorite with lemon a close second. 

For my daughter’s birthday cake, we wanted something with the deep, vibrant colors of autumn.  We found a cake décor that we loved via “RecipeGirl” that looked too good to be true for us chocolate lovers.

First we made a Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate Cake with applicable frosting.





We added Kit Kats around the border and filled the top of the cake with M&M’s.


Doesn’t it look so colorful and magnificent?

If you are planning to make a birthday cake for Jesus this year, maybe this is the one!  ~smile~

(Coming soon! – Funfetti Cake Pops)

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