Tuesday, November 15, 2011

God Chooses the Heartache


Over the past few months, I have been reminded of the heartache in people’s lives:

*Two church members lost their spouses, within the same week.

*A woman told me the story of how she lost her firstborn daughter at 2.5 years old, about seven years ago.

*Another woman’s children have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses.

*A young couple’s lives have been changed, possibly forever, due to brain and other damage the husband received due to a car accident.

*A friend’s daughter has been diagnosed with epilepsy.

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. . .

Life is not easy in this world.  All of us will have trials.  Life is nowhere near perfect.  It is full of sin, for now, until the Lord restores it some day, and God uses that “sin”, that “weakness”, that “imperfection” to test and try His people.

Through all of life’s difficulties, I am reminded of this:

God chooses the heartache and hardship.

We choose the response.

Wait!  Say that again…

God chooses the heartache and hardship.

We choose the response.

When trials come our way, we can choose to shake our fist at life, harden our hearts, and pull away from God.

- OR -

We can choose to humble ourselves, probably with many tears, before our Almighty, Sovereign God who loves and cares for us greatly and has an awesome plan for our lives. 

What will your response be? 

I admit.  I have not always responded well to life’s tests.  I have desired to flee from them, at times, and find a different course for myself.  However, that is not what the Christian life entails.

The Christian life is about surrendering our lives and wills to HIS.

Will we accept and embrace what He has given or will we shun it and move away from the very path God has made for us in life?

Psalm 34:18

The LORD is near to those who have a broken heart,
         And saves such as have a contrite spirit.


  1. Okay, you are making me tear up! Thank you for this. It is so true that life is all about how you respond to it. I was watching Joyce Meyer the other night when I couldn't sleep and she happened to be talking on worry and anxiety. She said that when difficulties come in our lives that God will do two things- take away the difficulty or have us walk through it. Our response is to be content with either situation, knowing that He will be with us. All we have to know is that He is there and He is in control. Too often we try to tell God how to do His job. We need to let God be God and have His perfect way. I admit this is so hard for me! I know the Lord only wants the best for me, but sometimes you wonder how any good can come out of our trials. But God is faithful. He is our strength and our comfort, in any situation.

  2. Lisa, you wrote this blog at the most perfect time for me.. I am going thru a great trail. Feeling Gods constant peace, holding your hand along the toughest things in life is what bring us closer to Him. Its so important to remind other christians of this, so many flee away from Him like you said.