Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wrestling with God


You probably know the story of Jacob and how he wrestled with God (Genesis 32).  Jacob appeared to wrestle with the Man for a long time, until day broke, which could be another story in and of itself.  Jacob would not let the Man go “unless you bless me!”.

I can relate to this story in my life right now.  I feel like I am wrestling with God.  Somehow, I feel the roles are reversed, though.  I feel as if God has me pinned down and is saying, “I will not let you go unless you bless me” or “unless…”

Truly God uses the circumstances of our lives to mold and shape us, to make us into the people He wants us to be.  He wants to change us.  He wants to get the proper response from us.  He wants to see His glory and light in us, and to do that, He must deal with our flesh – our inadequacies, our fears, our sins, our dislikes…  Yes, He must shake our world so we can see things in a different light and grow deeper in Him.

Are you wrestling with God right now?

Be encouraged.  Jacob did, and he was forever, drastically changed – from Jacob to Israel.

Genesis 32:28

28 And He said, “Your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel; for you have struggled with God and with men, and have prevailed.”

May God be praised!

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